Finding the perfect individual to fit your company

We know that the success of an organisation hinges on the quality of the staff, and having the right people working for you is paramount in today’s business market. Our objective is to gain a deep  understanding of your business needs in order to play a vital role in this success, by finding you the  perfect individual to fit the ethos of your company. Skilltech will provide you with a selection of  potential employees with the skills, personality and experience to thrive in your organisation.  We  want to build a long working relationship with you, which is why we are at pains to ensure you’re  completely satisfied with the candidates we supply.

We will provide permanent and temporary employees that fit the profile of your company, at  competitive rates. We will include Employers’ National Insurance Contributions and working time  directives. Furthermore, 24 Hour Emergency support is available, and we cater for all your Personal  Protective Equipment needs. All candidate references will be obtained prior to your recruitment of a  suitable employee. Indeed, all of our contract workers are handpicked, vetted and ready to work  immediately. Finally, we will provide you with your own secure page, where you can access all  information related to the recruitment process.

The process:

  • Once you’ve contacted our skilled recruitment team and outlined your requirements, we work painstakingly to fully understand the needs of your business. We discuss the position with you, often carrying out site visits, building a clear picture of your business and its needs to ensure we find the most suitable candidates for you.
  • We then collate this information into a precise job description and search our extensive candidate database, creating a short list of only the most suitable candidates for you to select from.
  • All the candidates on this list will have the necessary skills for the job but it’s now up to you to choose the person who you feel has the right personality for your business.
  • As soon as you’ve selected the right candidate for you, they’re hired!

Once the employee is established in your company, we will continue to monitor their progress, making site visits whenever appropriate to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

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